Our Fantasy II – New Beginnings

After establishing herself as chief engineer and founder of Wreck the System Recordings, the legendary LadyJ makes a triumphant return to nerdcore rap with her 10th album, Our Fantasy II: New Beginnings. Sequel to her classic Final Fantasy-inspired LP, this new concept album features the supersonic MC alongside guest vocalists Lamea and Chuma, with production handled by VG remixers Cam3 and DJ Mykah!

Our Fantasy

Our Fantasy is LadyJ’s most successful solo project. It is composed of Final Fantasy remixed hip hop beats from FF6 to FF13, and lyrical topics are specifically catered to the comparison of real to life issues translated thru the FF Saga, such as politics, death, relationships and conquering dreams. This was LadyJ’s and Cam3’s passion project done right before Wreck The System was born.

Potential Energy

Potential Energy is the debut solo project released under Wreck The System Recordings by Osiris Green. The album is composed mostly by Osiris Green and paints a vivd picture of how life was in the past, how it is in the present, and what he plans to achieve in the near future


#TOKENS is the codename for Hip-Hop’s highly trained special MC force. It’s a Nerdcore Rap album derived from arcade-inspired lyrics and remixed beats such as After Burner, Tekken, Duck Hunt, Space Invaders, etc. Its purpose: to defend your ears from WACKMC, a ruthless terrorist organization set out to rule the airwaves with bland lyrics and carbon-copied music.

Rage Quit – EP

From the studio that brought you Tokens comes something completely new! Wreck The System proudly presents their newest EP “RAGE QUIT” – A 7 track thriller that takes you through the minds and worlds of each WTS artist.